Self Adhesive tapes and Labels

The Promise Group takes pride in introducing self adhesive tapes to our industrial clients which is developed to fulfil their requirement of quality assured self adhesive tapes. We are confident that our unique brand name Exceeds Your Expectation.


  • NO compromise on specifications- Length, width and thickness
  • High quality adhesives used in the right proportion ensuring excellent adhesion
  • Films used are of international grade

BOPP Packaging tape

BOPP Packaging Tapes are one of the most widely used industrial tapes for various purposes like bundling, strapping, packing of medium and heavy duty carton sealing and for other various stationery purposes. We manufacture them using fine quality BOPP and adhesives which ensure their optimum quality. We provide them in various dimensions that can be customized as per the requirements of the clients. Our BOPP adhesive tapes are supplied to various industries and are available at highly reasonable prices.


Economically Priced Self Adhesive BOPP Industrial Application Tapes with high film strength and excellent adhesion ensuring fine bonding and reducing film tear.

Size (mm) 12 /18 / 24/ 36/ 48 / 60/ 72/ 96 and above
Length (mtrs) 60/110/350/650/Jumbo Roll
Shades Clear / Tan / Colour / Printed

Superior Film Thickness blended with Higher Adhesion ensuring extra TAC and suitable for industrial heavy duty application. This product can be used in packaging machines.

Size (mm) 12 /18 / 24/ 36/ 48 / 60/ 72/ 96 and above
Length (mtrs) 50/100/300/600/Jumbo Roll
Shades Clear / Tan / Colour / Printed

BOPP Printed Tapes are developed to serve your requirement in Branding, Advertising and Securing your Products through packing. Four Colour Roto Gravure Printing Facilities is available to match your requirement of Printed Tapes.

Convey Right Messages through the Tapes. Pre printed message tapes also available.



Design/Colour Tapes Improves the Appearance and Differentiates your product in the market. These Tapes can be used for decorative works, book binding, etc...

We have wide range of design and colour tapes for the packing purpose.


The Double Sided bonding tapes have excellent adhesion on both the sides to bond surfaces and these products are used in diverse applications.

Double sided tapes have a release liner that protects the tape until ready for use. The liners on Advance double sided tapes are made of siliconised paper which enables them to be peeled from the carrier easily.

Double Side Foam Tape

The Double Sided Foam tapes are foam based with excellent adhesion on both sides. The foam uniformly distributes stress on the substrate surface.

The Applications Include Automotive, Household & Stationary, etc..

The Essential Features of Our Double Sided Foam Self Adhesive Tapes

  • Excellent Sealing
  • Provides Cushion Effect
  • Damps Vibration
  • Resists Impact
  • Withstands High Temperatures
  • Provides good Insulating Qualities.

-Double Side Cloth Tape

The Double Sided Cloth tapes are Cloth based with excellent adhesion on both sides. The Cloth tapes are strong and easy to use.

Applications Include Permanent fitting of carpets and other floor coverings, etc.



Surface Protection Self Adhesive Tapes used to protect surfaces from abrasion and scratches. Our tapes are designed to suit a broad range of specialized applications.

We provide our Surface Protection Self Adhesive Tapes in Transparent, White and any other color as required in various thicknesses. We are capable of providing Surface Protection Self Adhesive Tapes with widths ranging from 12mm to 1300mm as required by the end users.

The Essential Features Of Our Surface Protection Self Adhesive Tapes

  • Adjustable Peeling Force
  • No Adhesive Residue
  • Excellent Protection against Abrasion and Scratches
  • Weather Resistant
  • Excellent Workability
  • Easy to Peel Off